Hero image with two XR avatars displaying 3D renderings of blood cells

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AR Heart Screenshot

Floating XR Heart

This XR demo allows users to observe, scale, and rotate a cross-section of a beating heart as if it is directly in front of them.

Screenshot of XR Anatomical Body

XR Full Body Anatomical Model

This demo of a 3D anatomical model allows users to cycle through the systems of the human body and even scale it to life-sized proportions.

An AR anatomical model standing next to anatomy books

Standing Full Body Anatomical Model

Like the "XR Full Body Anatomical Model," this demo allows users to cycle through the systems of the human body. This standing model offers a different point of view to explore the body from.

AR coaster

AR Coaster Performance

Meet our newest developer, Dennis! He's intelligent and a little...let's just say...passionate. Scan a CrossComm coaster to watch him perform for you!

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