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Getting a free assessment from our team is a great way for you to begin leveraging our 20+ years of software development and emerging technology expertise. We'll listen to your needs and help you explore different options for turning your software app idea into an innovative business solution.

Over 20 Years of Technology Innovation

Let’s work together to create innovative experiences.

“It’s very difficult to find a team with advance skills and willing to work in a flexible environments with moving targets- CrossComm delivered on both.”

Salah Zalatimo, VP of Mobile Products @ Forbes

“Don and the whole CrossComm team had things to add to my idea...I was looking for someone to partner with me in that way, to provide some expertise that I didn't have and to take what I had and make it better.”

Felicity Harper, PhD., Clinical Psychologist and Professor @ Karmanos Cancer Institute

“We didn't just need a development team to execute work; we desired a partner that was willing to understand what we are trying to do and grasp the science and purpose of our product. CrossComm demonstrated the ability to do both.”

Audrey Turley, Principal @ ICF International

“The CrossComm team was phenomenal- receptive, flexible, and humble. The back and forth ideation and concepting in VR was seamless, and I was 100% pleased with the end-result. I’m absolutely looking forward to doing more interesting stuff with you guys!”

Dr. Elisabeth Heath, Faculty Mentor @ FocuSStem NextGen/ Karmanos Cancer Institute

"We really appreciated that they took the time to translate their processes for us. CrossComm was a true partner who wanted us to be involved in the process."

Dr. Maija Reblin, Assistant Professor @ Moffitt Cancer Center

CrossComm were excellent collaborators. They were extremely quick and thoughtful in their approach to our AR experiment.

KamranV, Managing Partner/CTO @ Moogfest

“We were looking for a partner that worked with cutting edge mobile technologies that required a lot of research and learning to build a polished product. It was evident after speaking with the CrossComm team that they were the right partner”

Andy Schrader, CPO @ Reveal Mobile

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How CrossComm Can Help

  • Quality, dependable software applications
  • Tailor-made solutions for customer and industry requirements
  • Intentional, useful functionality
  • Intuitive designs to engage your end user
  • Integration with back-end systems
  • Consulting on current and emerging technologies

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Let’s work together to create innovative experiences.

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