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CrossComm Wins 2023 Clutch Global Award for AR/VR

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Recently, CrossComm had the honor of receiving the 2023 Clutch Global Award for our AR/VR Development services. Below, I share our initial LinkedIn announcement, followed by my personal thoughts on the accolade and my profound gratitude towards those who have supported CrossComm's journey.

Some people are really comfortable with self-promotion. Unfortunately (or fortunately

depending on your point of view), I am not one of them.

Maybe it's my East Asian upbringing? Perhaps it's an earnest yearning to be the real deal and not just hype. Honestly, a lot of it is just lifelong imposter syndrome.

So sharing the news above feels way more difficult than it should. So difficult, I had to ask someone to help me write the initial post (thanks Phillipe Charles ❤️ ). But I'm getting better, because life is too short not to celebrate and share.

And share I must. It's not the Presidential Medal of Honor or anything, but it's a big deal to me because many accolades can be bought for a price. But to win recognition based solely on what interviewed clients had to say about us... it's the affirmation of a conviction I've believed in since starting my business 25 years ago, that if I worked and fought for the success of my clients, they would see that and I, in turn, would succeed as well.

2023 was a really rough year for me (that's a topic for another lengthy post), so receiving this award was a fitting way to cap it. For a fashionably late celebration, I give a fashionably late tribute: To my family, my team, my friends who have always believed in me, my allies who have coached and counseled me, and partners who have trusted me with their projects, dreams, and ambitions in 2023- from the bottom of my heart thank you. Truly grateful. ❤️ 🙏 ❤️