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ICF Dragon: Web App

Architecting and developing a sophisticated online tool for systematic literature review


ICF, International



The Challenge

Streamline a highly complex SQL data model and integrate it into a modern, feature-rich, and scalable web application that is intelligible to users at all levels of the review process, without surrendering any of the scientific detail provided by the data model.

ICF Needed A Partner to Scale Their Innovative Product

ICF’s existing software had served them well, but the technology it was built with had become outdated and no longer met the needs of their customers. With their internal development team at capacity and needing to modernize their product, ICF requisitioned the services of CrossComm to help meet the growing demand of their clients. In the words of one ICF team member, “it’s very frustrating seeing something, knowing what it should and could be, but you can’t make it yourself.”

ICF Access DB

Our Approach


The first step in our partnership with ICF was reviewing their system architecture and user experience to identify what prevented their current solution from living up to their vision for the product. This review also provided the opportunity to establish clear client goals and priorities for the project.


One of the biggest challenges developing dragon was respecting the integrity of complex scientific data while presenting it in a clear and uncomplicated way. We crafted a clean, quick, and intuitive user interface that maintains the integrity of the data presented through approachable user experience design and advanced visualizations.


Did we mention the data was complicated? Success in this project required a commitment to learning the science behind both Systematic Review and Population Studies in order to design a truly optimized system capable of reliably delivering accurate data to ICF's clients.


A New Scalable Solution

ICF Dragon is live, providing ICF and their clients with an efficient and flexible system that empowers users to perform Systematic Review and a myriad of related tasks in an intuitive environment that promotes transparency and consistency.

“We didn't just need a development team to execute work; we desired a partner that was willing to understand what we are trying to do and grasp the science and purpose of our product. CrossComm demonstrated the ability to do both.”

Audrey Turley, Principal @ ICF International