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Mobile, Emerging Tech, and AR/VR

The Challenge

Helping a vanguard of technology embrace their vision

Moogfest is the synthesis of music, art and technology. Their mission is to grow a global community of futurists who explore emerging sound technologies and design radical instruments for change. Knowing this, we thought they would be the perfect candidate for the mobile Augmented Reality techniques we've been experimenting with over the past year. We confirmed this hunch after an initial meeting with the Moogfest team where we found a partner willing to "try weird stuff" and we started brainstorming ways AR could delight the type of tech-minded people who attend Moogfest.

The Approach

Conceptualization: Bringing AR to Moogfest

We had recently developed an exciting Augmented Reality technique for mobile applications at CrossComm and felt that Moogfest, embodying the spirit of innovation, would be a perfect place to debut this technology. When we first demoed the tech to Moogfest they were immediately excited, but we needed to work with them to find a good way to fit it into the event. We wanted it to be a fun surprise, almost an Easter egg for attendees, so we decided to print special coasters that would trigger an AR live-stream of the events, and distribute them in select locations. Below is the Moogfest coaster design.

Moogfest Coaster Design

Moogfest was the perfect partner to help demonstrate our new AR tech. Their enthusiasm and creativity helped us develop a truly special experience for their attendees.

Sean Doherty, Chief Software Architect @ CrossComm

Execution: Treading new ground under an extremely tight deadline

This was all very exciting, but we came up with the idea only 3 weeks before the festival. With the Apple App Store submission process, this left us with little more than a week to bring everything together. We had to work with the folks from Moogfest to establish an extremely tight feedback loop to deliver a product that met both our standards and their expectations.


Getting AR into the hands of festival-goers

In the end, we were able to launch the app in time for Moogfest attendees to experience events in AR on both iOS and Android. Over 2000 unique streams were recorded during Moogfest 2017. Most importantly, we were able to provide a delightful experience for Moogfest attendees who also shared the experience with fellow attendees in-person outside the sessions at restaurants and on social media.

Moogfest App 3 Shot