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VR Social Showcase

A Virtual Space for Marketing, Collaboration, and Product Showcases


CrossComm Labs


AR/VR, and Emerging Tech


Share A Virtual Space With Customers, Partners, and Team Members

CrossComm's AR/VR team specializes in building collaborative and shared VR spaces. The VR Social Showcase is a way to share engaging experiences with your most important stakeholders. Meet in virtual reality for employee training, product demonstrations, or even collaborative prototyping exercises.

A Quick View

See the VR Social Showcase in Action

This is an example of the VR Social Showcase that we created for our own sales, marketing, and collaboration efforts. We can build and customize a virtual space just for you—tailored to your own unique needs and branding.

What A Space Like This Offers

Life-Sized Showcases, Exhibits and Product Displays

Sales professionals are empowered to meet with prospective customers in VR and demonstrate physically large, expensive, or rare products that are difficult or impractical to showcase in-person. Museums can show larger-than-life exhibits that amaze users. Marketers can customize the space with attractive visual elements to reinforce their brand.

Life-Like Training and Education Simulations

Training equipment can be costly and impractical in real-world spaces. In virtual reality, space is limitless and learners can train on life-like simulations without leaving their rooms. This is perfect for industries like healthcare, manufacturing, aviation, and more!

Forklift Training in VR

Virtual Meetings and Collaboration

Meeting in virtual reality takes remote collaboration and conversation to another level. Support, ideate, demonstrate, prototype and even sell — all in a shared virtual reality space.

VR Collaboration painting and prototyping

Unique Customer Engagement

This is your chance to dazzle your customers, don't hold back now! Want an interactive rock climbing wall in your virtual space? Go for it! A punching dummy? Sounds smart to us! Engage your customers with memorable activities and sights.

VR Punching Dummy