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Tech + Innovation Funding Alerts

Our 'Tech + Innovation Funding Alerts' is a collection of funds and resources, both locally and nationally, aimed at supporting the development of disruptive technologies towards social good. CrossComm is dedicated to helping innovators create meaningful value, and part of that approach is to share resources and connections that empower our common cause — making a positive impact.

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Making ‘Remote Work’ Work During COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19 virus, companies are faced with tough decisions regarding their ability to realistically embrace remote work. For our clients, partners, and other companies trying to figure out remote work, we thought it might be helpful to share some of the tools that we use that may also help you maintain productivity during this challenging time.

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Blockchain: Beyond the Buzzword

Blockchain has been popping up all over for the past few years, but sometimes the practical use cases can get lost in the hype. Alicia Hetrick breaks down when to use blockchain, and when not to.

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Enterprise Augmented Reality

Enterprises are gaining a greater awareness of the ROI that AR and VR can return to their organizations. The AR/VR team here at CrossComm is passionate about assisting firms navigate the process of adopting Augmented Reality. We produced an infographic to help overview different immersive tech and current enterprise applications.

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Why a Team Is Valuable for Your Development Needs

Using Malcolm Gladwell’s “weak link versus strong link” theory, this blog post likens software development to a "weak link" sport like soccer, where teams filled with individuals with complementary skill sets can outpace those that are reliant on one or more superstars. This post breaks down the various skills necessary in quality software development, and explains why a team with multidisciplinary expertise is better suited to meet those challenges than any single developer.

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What Kind of MVP Do You Want?

Most MVP’s fall into the following categories: Scale Model, Proof of Concept, Foundation and Iceberg. Knowing which of these you are building is critical to making sure you will be achieving what you expected when you are done. This post gives direction to product owners and developers on what to keep in mind in each type of MVP.