A Decade of Growth at CrossComm

This year marks 10 years of Beverly Gulvin's work at CrossComm. In this blog post, Beverly shares personal and professional lessons learned from her decade of growth, from being a part-time bookkeeper, to Director of People Ops.


Unlimited PTO Diaries: Alaskan Adventure

In this “Unlimited PTO Diaries,” Darrien Staton takes time to catch up with lifelong friends in an Alaskan adventure. Unlimited PTO Diaries is a series that allows CrossComm employees to share how they celebrate life, outside of work.

mercers house

Unlimited PTO Diaries: Savannah's Storied Past

In this “Unlimited PTO Diaries,” DeAnne Canieso shares her love for stories, and her favorite secret location in Savannah, Georgia. Unlimited PTO Diaries is a series that allows CrossComm employees to share how they celebrate life, outside of work.

Yash and Stella sit at a couch and video chat with Sarah

How a Donut Helped Our Team Feel More Connected

CrossComm, like many companies, moved to a remote workforce during the pandemic. We quickly noticed we didn’t feel as connected once we all left our small office. We also grew by nearly 50 percent during this time, and we wanted our new team members to feel as connected as those who had been a part of the team for some time. We decided to start using a Slack app called Donut to help foster connections and boy has it been a sweet treat for our company culture!

CrossComm logo over a wood background with gifts

CrossComm's Holiday Techie Gift Guide

'Tis the season for sharing so we gathered up a quick list of some of the CrossComm team's favorite gadgets and services that we think would make great gifts. Happy Holidays!

CrossComm team in training room

Three Ways CrossComm Builds a Work-Life Balance Culture

While achieving work-life balance is always a work in progress, CrossComm chooses to experiment with how to re-define “the future of work” in order to cultivate an environment where team members learn and gain something meaningful on their path towards career and personal success. Here are three ways CrossComm has approached building a satisfying and enriching work culture.

Thumbs up in front of lap top with new website loaded

Welcome to CrossComm's New Website

CrossComm has launched its brand new website! In this piece, Director of Marketing Phillipe Charles discusses the three main reasons why CrossComm updated its website: to better communicate its culture, mission and services; to give the marketing team greater flexibility, and to better accommodate different forms of content.

Beach scene

Unlimited PTO Diaries: Accidentally Viral

When our own Shane Norris and his CrossFit friend decided to get competitive on some days off, it resulted in an accidentally viral (but hilarious) moment. Unlimited PTO Diaries is a series that allows CrossComm employees to share how they celebrate life, outside of work.

Mountain view from Jason's boat

Unlimited PTO Diaries: From Oceans to the Mountains

In this “Unlimited PTO Diaries,” Jason Faber shares describes how he and his family explore the NC outdoors. Unlimited PTO Diaries is a series that allows CrossComm employees to share how they celebrate life, outside of work.

Stella and family on roller coaster

Unlimited PTO Diaries: The Happiest Place on Earth

In this “Unlimited PTO Diaries,” Stella Cox shares how her recent trip to Disney World was not only full of "Disney Magic" but also for an appreciation of Disney's tech. Unlimited PTO Diaries is a series that allows CrossComm employees to share how they celebrate life, outside of work.

woman working on laptop from kitchen

Making ‘Remote Work’ Work During COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19 virus, companies are faced with tough decisions regarding their ability to realistically embrace remote work. For our clients, partners, and other companies trying to figure out remote work, we thought it might be helpful to share some of the tools that we use that may also help you maintain productivity during this challenging time.

Headshot of Sean Doherty

Meet The Team: Sean Doherty

Sean Doherty is CrossComm’s CTO. He joined the team in 2006, directly out of grad school. In my conversation with Sean, we discussed his approach to tech, business, and family.

Beverly working at CrossComm Summit 2019

Meet The Team: Beverly Williams

Beverly Williams is the Business Operations Manager at CrossComm. She’s worked at CrossComm for the past seven years—making her the third-longest employee. When she joined the team, after 17 years as a work-from-home entrepreneur, it brought her back to Downtown Durham—where she first began her career.

Mike on picnic bench with VR headset

Meet The Team: Mike Harris

Mike Harris is CrossComm’s Senior AR/VR Developer. Unlike the rest of the team, he doesn’t work out of our Durham office. He’s based in New Orleans. But that’s hardly a challenge when you consider that some of Mike’s expertise lies in collaborative virtual reality applications.

Anthony Garritano at Summit

Meet the Team: Anthony Garritano

Anthony Garritano is a Senior Software Engineer at CrossComm. He has spent almost a decade in the software industry as an engineer. What motivates him now, even more than the technology itself, is helping others around him to grow.

Whiteboard from Havana Nights event

A Havana Night in Durham

CrossComm was honored to support the Helius Foundation in its mission to provide mentorship and resources to underrepresented founders. As a company that has been in Durham for over 20 years, CrossComm has witnessed the recent explosion of the local entrepreneurial scene, but also understands that there are communities who traditionally don’t have access to the same opportunities as others.

Don's kids playing at the beach

Why I Returned to Durham

CEO Don Shin reflects on the work and life developments that solidified his decision to move back to Durham, NC.

Sean Doherty in front of SXSW 2018 sign

Speaking at South By Southwest

In this blog post, Sean Doherty discusses the excitement of getting invited to speak at the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) in Austin, and documents the process from speech preparation to the moments just before his delivery. His topic of building software development kits (SDKs) was insanely interesting to him, and he was delighted to be able to bring it to the SXSW audience.


How We Planned for 2017

Each year CrossComm hosts two team summit meetings. We strive to enrich the lives of our team every day, but these semi-annual summits allow for a focused effort. We recently had our Winter Summit — here are four highlights.

CrossComm Mug on desk

Why Are We Blogging?

Like many small businesses, CrossComm has a burning desire to make a dent in the universe while simultaneously facing real world challenges. It can be difficult to take the time for, of all things, a blog! Yet, we are committed to doing so in 2017 in order to share knowledge and grow as a company.