Two silvers and one bronze Telly next to CrossComm and Telly Awards logos.

 CrossComm wins THREE Telly Awards!

CrossComm won three awards in the 43rd Annual Telly Awards, alongside partners FocuSSTem NextGen and the Karmanos Cancer Institute! The three wins fall under the Immersive and Mixed Reality categories and are for immersive apps built to introduce students from underrepresented communities to STEM careers. The two projects, a virtual reality (VR) STEM camp and a live extended reality (XR) summit, allowed students to remotely experience STEM learning in an interactive and experiential way.

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Welcome to CrossComm's New Website

CrossComm has launched its brand new website! In this piece, Director of Marketing Phillipe Charles discusses the three main reasons why CrossComm updated its website: to better communicate its culture, mission and services; to give the marketing team greater flexibility, and to better accommodate different forms of content.

Whiteboard from Havana Nights event

A Havana Night in Durham

CrossComm was honored to support the Helius Foundation in its mission to provide mentorship and resources to underrepresented founders. As a company that has been in Durham for over 20 years, CrossComm has witnessed the recent explosion of the local entrepreneurial scene, but also understands that there are communities who traditionally don’t have access to the same opportunities as others.

Don's kids playing at the beach

Why I Returned to Durham

CEO Don Shin reflects on the work and life developments that solidified his decision to move back to Durham, NC.

CrossComm logo drawn in XR

Playing with Tech: ZED Mini

After the Augmented World Expo, Mike Harris, the lead AR/VR developer at CrossComm, built a multi-user, AR collaborative drawing app with the ZED Mini. He then reached out to Stereolabs (the makers of the ZED mini) by inviting them to meet using the app he built. Chris Orris of Stereolabs shares a bit of what that meeting was like, and the implications for this sort of innovation.

Sean Doherty in front of SXSW 2018 sign

Speaking at South By Southwest

In this blog post, Sean Doherty discusses the excitement of getting invited to speak at the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) in Austin, and documents the process from speech preparation to the moments just before his delivery. His topic of building software development kits (SDKs) was insanely interesting to him, and he was delighted to be able to bring it to the SXSW audience.

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More Positive Reviews For CrossComm

Recently, we've been featured by Clutch, a ratings and review platform covering top app developers in Raleigh and around the world. Clutch’s work examines thousands of companies based on their market presence, industry experience, and proven ability to deliver excellence and results to their clients. Most importantly, the Clutch team speaks directly with current and past clients to hear first-hand how each firm performs and delivers. We're thankful for these kind words from our clients!

SXSW poster

SXSW... here we come!

Sean Doherty discusses his upcoming trip to SXSW to share CrossComm's expertise on SDKs with demonstration partner/client, Reveal Mobile. Adding to his excitement is the recent news that CrossComm is the #1 ranked mobile app developer in the Southeast on

Screen shots of the Contentful CMS

CrossComm via Contentful

A big part of our new goal for our website is to be more content-focused. In an effort to keep our clients informed and increase our engagement with the development community at large, we've implemented a number of new content-driven pages. We've found value in a CMS called Contentful because its delivery method is a purely data-based API.

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Why Are We Blogging?

Like many small businesses, CrossComm has a burning desire to make a dent in the universe while simultaneously facing real world challenges. It can be difficult to take the time for, of all things, a blog! Yet, we are committed to doing so in 2017 in order to share knowledge and grow as a company.