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More Positive Reviews For CrossComm

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At CrossComm, we work hard to create custom software solutions that our clients will love using innovative and powerful tools. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality work that help startups and Fortune 500 companies alike grow their businesses while also building a valuable long-term partnership. Recently, we've been featured by Clutch, a ratings and review platform covering top app developers in Raleigh and around the world.

Clutch’s work examines thousands of companies based on their market presence, industry experience, and proven ability to deliver excellence and results to their clients. Clutch analysts consider many quantitative and qualitative factors when evaluating companies. Most importantly, the Clutch team speaks directly with current and past clients to hear first-hand how each firm performs and delivers. This comprehensive approach gives users and buyers a realistic understanding of each service providers’ strengths and weaknesses. Check it out what clients have to say about us for yourself.

Our most recent 5-star review comes from an associate professor at a medical school. She had the following to share about our successful partnership:

“They {CrossComm} are excellent collaborators, listening to your ideas and helping with each stage of development. They're not afraid to give feedback or offer other ideas if they think it can improve the end product.”

“They also personally invest themselves with their clients to ensure a successful outcome, which speaks volumes about their business philosophy. Of all the companies we considered, they really seemed to care about our project. We were really impressed with that.”

Personally investing in projects shows up as a theme in other reviews, too:

“In addition to their efficiency and having a good product, what struck me most is when I had my first face-to-face meeting with Don. He was very candid in wanting to produce work that was socially meaningful. ... He seems to be into the mission. It doesn’t feel like we’re customers to him, but he seems to be engaging and putting his whole weight behind the projects. I didn't expect that, and it's really made us all want to keep working with them.”

We’re thrilled that our work is bringing great results for our clients and look forward to continuing to engage in meaningful work with impactful organizations. If that sounds like you, give us a shout!

Oh... and we're hiring!!!