Two silvers and one bronze Telly Award

 CrossComm wins THREE Telly Awards!

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CrossComm won two silvers and one bronze award in the 43rd Annual Telly Awards! The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens, and are judged by leaders from video platforms, television, streaming networks, and production companies including Adobe, Netflix, Dow Jones, A&E Networks, Hearst Media, Nickelodeon, ESPN Films, and Vimeo.


Our three wins fall under the Immersive and Mixed Reality categories. We collaborated with leaders from the FocuSSTem NextGen summer intensive program, and the Karmanos Cancer Institute, to create immersive apps introducing students from underrepresented communities to STEM careers.

The two winning projects were designed to allow students to remotely experience STEM learning in an interactive and experiential way. The first, a virtual reality (VR) STEM camp, allowed students to perform real-world medical tasks in simulated versions of an ICU, operating room, and research lab by using a VR headset in the comfort of their own home. It won a silver Telly Award in the “Education & Training” category.

The VR STEM camp allowed students to immerse themselves in medical roles

The second project to win was a live extended reality (XR) summit that allowed STEM presenters to showcase 3D anatomical objects (like the heart and brain) in a VR space. Students at home could explore the objects, interact with the presenting scientists, and follow along live using the mobile augmented reality (AR) app. It won a silver Telly Award in the “Virtual Events & Experiences” category and a bronze award in the “Craft-Use of AR” category.

The XR summit brought greater immersion and interactivity to remote STEM presentations

“Now, more than ever, it is necessary to celebrate video work that reflects the top tier of our industry, such as CrossComm,” says Telly Awards Executive Director Sabrina Dridje. “This year’s submissions reflect an industry that has returned to the important work of storytelling, one that has returned with a new perspective that values innovation, agility, equity, and tenacious creativity.”

This week’s winners announcement caps a year-long celebration of creators producing innovative work in an ever-changing landscape due, in part, to the difficulties and opportunities of the last few years. For example, the FocuSStem team first asked CrossComm to develop an immersive STEM solution after the Covid-19 pandemic forced them to pivot from their planned in-person program. 

“To build these apps in collaboration with FocuSStem and the Karmanos Cancer Institute is another step in our mission to use emerging and evolving technology to help companies and institutions tackle real-world problems,” says CrossComm President Don Shin. “We are thankful to the Telly Awards Judging Council for our wins and are honored to have achieved this with our amazing partners.” 

The 43rd Annual Telly Awards attracted more than 12,000 entries from top content producers. Winners included a variety of tech and media companies including top-tier brands like ViacomCBS, Warner Bros. Worldwide TV Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment, Microsoft, ESPN, and PBS Digital Studios. 

The full list of the 43rd Annual Telly Awards winners can be found at