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Enterprise Augmented Reality

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This week we spent a few days at the 2018 Springboard Conference hosted by RTI and IRI. The overall agenda of the conference was 'Preparing for the Future of Intelligent Systems' and we were invited to present some of the work we're doing developing immersive applications - specifically related to Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Our conversations over two days confirmed that enterprises are gaining a greater awareness of appreciation of the ROI that AR and VR can return to their organizations. Only a couple of teams were actively using immersive technologies, but a sizable percentage were actively exploring use cases and considering how to start pilots.

As an AREA member and leaders of the AREA Human Factors Interest Group, the AR/VR team here at CrossComm is passionate about assisting firms navigate the process of adopting Augmented Reality. We produced the infographic below to help overview different immersive tech and current enterprise applications.

If you have have an enterprise use case you'd like to explore, we'd love to help you brainstorm and determine if AR makes sense for your situation - give us a shout!

Headset Infographic

(you can download the PDF here)