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Reality Recap: Episode 1

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Welcome to Reality Recap! Reality Recap is our new video series that provides updates and insights on what's going on in the world of Augmented and Virtual Reality. In each episode, I’ll run through some of the top stories in AR and VR and share some insider insight from our experts here at CrossComm — Don Shin and Yash Bangera. Watch the episode, or use the show notes below for a snapshot of the episode.

Show Notes

Oculus Quest Passthrough Functionality (:28 - 1:41)

There's been a lot of fun innovation rolling out ever since Facebook opened up the Oculus Quest 2 passthrough functionality to developers. Specifically, apps like Magic Keys and VRtuous are adding some fun to learning instruments like the piano by combining passthrough in the headset with live overlays on the keyboard. Our experts point out that this could be expanded to several table or laptop style instruments like the drums, xylophone or steel guitar. Our experts talk about the potential for this across other styles of training and learning. Read the original article from

Google Earth VR for Photographer Scouting (1:42 - 2:59)

Some landscape photographers are now using VR headsets combined with Google Earth to make it easier to scout shoots at specific locations and (here’s the cool part) specific times of day for lighting and sun/moon positioning. As Don points out in the video, this application itself may not have a ton of crossover to other industries, but it represents entrepreneurship and exploration of the tech. Read the original article from

VR Helping with IV Placement Pain and Stress (3:00 - 3:30)

The next two examples showcase how researchers are exploring if and how immersive environments in VR can help ease patient symptoms. First, a study found that immersing patients ages 10-21 in VR environments during IV catheter placements helped ease anxiety and pain. The study looked at patients in radiation and infusion centers and found significantly lower anxiety and pain scores with VR therapy! Read the original article from

VR Helping with Dementia Treatment (3:31 - 5:26)

And in another study, two researchers in Poland found that they could immerse dementia patients in VR aimed at stimulating the brain and the VR therapy tended to hold attention and interest much longer than standard brain games or other therapies. There is no current cure for dementia, so new treatments like this that could slow its advancement are exciting. Read the original article from

Augmented Reality Carolina Panthers Video (5:27 - 7:06)

The Carolina Panthers unveiled a new digital mascot this season. The team showed off a mixed reality panther that interacted with the stadium and tore down opposing team’s banners before their first two home games of the season. The Panther—which was blasted all over social media and ESPN—was built by the Famous Group, a virtual production company. Our team weighed in, discussing whether it’s true AR or just a parlor trick. Either way, sports fans and media enthusiasts like myself found it pretty entertaining, which was likely the main objective. Go Panthers! Read the original article from