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Reality Recap: Episode 5

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Welcome to Episode 5 of Reality Recap! Our video series where I run through some of the top stories in AR and VR and share some insider insight from our experts here at CrossComm — Don Shin and Yash Bangera. Watch the episode, or use the show notes below for a snapshot of the episode.

Show Notes

Microsoft acquires Activision/Blizzard (:20 - 2:23)

Tech giant Microsoft made the largest deal in company history by purchasing gaming company Activision/Blizzard. With the purchase Microsoft will gain Activision’s nearly 400 million monthly users and access to some of the world’s most popular games. Don explains why this means Microsoft's vision of the metaverse in intertwined with gaming and entertainment. Read the original article from The New York Times.

Mojo Vision's AR Contact Lens Prototypes (2:23 - 4:22)

This is the futuristic stuff we think about in a Ray Bradbury novel: AR not a headset or glasses, but hidden in a set of contact lenses. Mojo Vision already has internal prototypes of lenses that house a display, image sensor, eye trackers, a battery, an antenna and a processor. They seem to be targeting the athlete/wearables market initially. The expected cost is around $1000-1500. This may still be a few years out, but it is super impressive to have working prototypes already. The guys are excited, but want to see more the industry walk before it runs. Read the original article on SkarredGhost.

Is Google Getting Back to Consumer AR? (4:22 - 6:41)

A source has confirmed that Google is planning on relaunching a new AR headset. This would be the first major headset from Google since the Google Glass. The news comes from a New York Times article that said the company is “nurturing a new project” in AR. This is linked to their acquisition of North, who recently announced the shut down of all production of their Focals glasses via their blog, presumably to work on the new Google project. Since there’s not a lot of info on the project itself, the guys talked about the process of acquisitions like the one of North. Read the original article from 9to5Google.

VR Holocaust Tour at Illinois Holocaust Museum (6:41 - 9:41)

The Illinois Holocaust Museum has developed an interactive virtual tour of Auschwitz guided by holocaust survivors. Museum-goers can tour a modern day and historic version of the prison camp and be immersed in the experiences of the survivors with virtual narration. The guys discuss the power in this immersive form of history, as well as their hope that people don't eventually become numb to important experiences like this. Read the original article from The Algemeiner.