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Speaking From User Experience Podcast

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In this podcast series, CrossComm's UX/UI experts explore how empathetic research, design, and development leads to better products that delight and empower users. In each episode host Phillipe Charles, Lead UI/UX Designer Darrien Staton, and Senior UX Designer Steve Maxson discuss important ways companies, developers, and designers can view their work and world through a user-centric lens. Subscribe here where podcasts are available.

Ep. 6: UX in XR

In this final episode, Philippe, Darrien, and Steve explain the unique challenges of designing the user experience in augmented and virtual reality applications.

Ep. 5: Emotional Design

In this episode, the team explains the essential connection between emotion and quality design and how organizations can harness that power.

Ep. 4: A Caution with Innovation

In this episode, Phillipe, Darrien, and Steve discuss the constant battle between innovating and sticking with established methods.

Ep. 3: Customization vs. Personalization

What's the difference in customization and personalization and how can you employ each for your product? Darrien and Steve break it down with Phillipe. 

Ep. 2: How to Build a UX Culture

Phillipe, Darrien, and Steve discuss building a culture from a human-centric approach for your organization or business.

Ep. 1: Designing for Accessibility

In this first episode, Phillipe, Darrien, and Steve talk about how to design in a way that your page or product is usable and accessible to all people. 

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