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Why Are We Blogging?

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CrossComm is similar to many other small businesses. We have a burning desire to make a dent in the universe while simultaneously facing real world challenges. Attracting and retaining team members and client partners, managing cash flow, and being visionaries in our field are common demands. Taking time to reflect is difficult enough, let alone sharing thoughts in a public space like this blog. However, we are committed to doing so in 2017 in order to teach others and grow as a company. This post is my attempt at sharing the “Whys” of the CrossComm blog to set the stage for the year and allow you to decide if it’s helpful to you and your network.

Goal 1: To Teach

On the surface, CrossComm is a team of software developers. Give us a digital product idea and we will create it. What’s unique about us is our desire not to be just a development team, but a teacher and guide for our clients along the app development journey. This blog will allow us the opportunity to share these guiding principles of running our business, overseeing app projects, and general technical discoveries that have previously been shared internally and just within our small, vetted client partners base.

Simply put, we have been really bad at sharing our knowledge and teaching a wider audience. Previous blog attempts have languished, to-date we have rarely spoken at conferences, and we have lived in a somewhat comfortable bubble of obscurity where mistakes are contained. This blog will not only allow us to start teaching more but also stretch us to grow.

Goal 2: To Grow

We are not looking to grow our team size substantially over the next year, but we are committed to enriching more lives in 2017. Our mission/vision statement is to “Enrich the lives of everyone we interact with by building awesome apps together.” We want to stretch ourselves to impact more people without compromising quality. The goal is to maintain the high-touch feel our clients receive while expanding our influence beyond our customers.

We feel we have a credible voice in the small business and software development arena. We are not an overnight success story. We’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and have much to teach but also much more to learn and grow. I hope you join our new and growing audience on this blog as we share our latest thoughts and updates from a variety of CrossComm team members’ perspectives.

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