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AR/VR App Development

Building Immersive Experiences That Ignite Imagination

Virtual Reality (VR) is useful when simulating scenarios that would be expensive, complex, dangerous, or even impossible to replicate in the real-world. Augmented Reality (AR) overlays useful, interactive 3D content to a user’s real-world view. Whether the objective is training, education, product demonstrations, or some other creative exhibits, CrossComm will help you leverage the technology in a practical way for your business with custom designs that engage your unique audience.

Learn More about CrossComm's AR/VR work from this PBS NC piece
Man wearing Microsoft Hololens reaches for virtual spider

Custom AR/VR Solutions and Expert Consulting

  • VR simulations for industry training, exhibitions and more
  • AR experiences that enhance physical reality with digital assets
  • Consulting around emerging spatial computing trends
  • Development for leading AR/VR hardware (i.e., Oculus Quest and Microsoft Hololens)

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